The ExpoSystems is not just the environment where you find the key industry players of fairs and events with the appropriate solution to your business. It goes further: it also includes a program of conferences and workshops dedicated to topics related to Exhibit Marketing, and anticipate trends related to this so rich and vast universe.

ExpoSystems: the best exhibitors, the best networking and best solutions for your business, both in the pavilion as well as in the conference hall. All of this and more for you to achieve superlative results, streamline your connections and make a difference in the marketplace - whether you are an agency or an exhibitions and events consumer.

ExpoSystems: The "must attend" event for event marketers, agencies and players of the industry is goiing through an overhaul of its format. Await for news soon!

About Exposystems

The ExpoSystems is an international event, featured a program of talks focused on the education of professionals in technical marketing and promotional events, trade shows and corporate events. Recognized by anticipating the major concepts and trends in industry trade shows and events.

Directed to the event marketing experts, responsible for the participation of its companies at trade shows and corporate events, event directors and managers, marketing and communications, sales promotion and incentive professionals, agency owners and producers of events.

At the same time presents an exhibition of all kinds of products and services used in trade shows and corporate events. ideal event for exhibitors to demonstrate new ideas, display techniques and influence clients, generating business in the main center of national fairs and networking events.

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