2004 Edition

24 de Jul de 2012


Exposytems 2004 It’s time to up grade in the world of fairs and events

What’s the latest in content, technology, products and services may be known during the second edition of the event, which promises to surpass that of 2003.

Since the engines are warmed up for the most important event in the country for those who make events: Exposystems 2004 – Congress and ExposiçãoInternacional Integrated Solutions for Trade Shows and Events, which will be held 9-11 November at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo (SP). Considered, since its first edition the MBA industry trade shows and events, overcoming Exposystems promises in relation to its first edition, held last year.

The experience of 2003 led to the Fair & Cia, promoter and organizer of the event, make adjustments in both the organization and content. The congress and exhibition promise to promote an up grade in the career of the participants so that when returning to their businesses, achieve positive results every penny invested in stocks for the participation or fairs and events.

It was not just the first issue that contributed to the improvement of the event. “As we specialize, we have the three essential ingredients: Congress is the editorial content, the exhibition is our advertisers and our audience are readers. This gives us a unique condition to prepare the event, “said the director of the Fair & Cia and Exposystems, Anselmo Carvalho.


By promoting the event, the Fair & Co. also promotes, in practice what he preaches every issue of the magazine: the immediate and networking face to face between visitors; Congress; speakers, organizers, sponsors, exhibitors and suppliers of products, services and technologies, access to the latest global trends in Congress, and the “tasting” live content on this exhibition. And this without compromising the specialized professionals in organizing events.

The Exposystems has the big players in this market: the pioneer and leader Alcantara Machado Trade Fairs in the exhibition and R. Hamam Events in Congress. “The Exposystems is my first experience in organizing an event for those who make the event. The responsibility is great because people who participate in it have a much greater critical sense, are professionals and their level of demand is high in relation to issues such as organization and care, “says the director of R.Hamam Events, Roosevelt Hamam.

Among the adjustments, programming is more dynamic, with a smaller number of concurrent lectures, so that people do not have difficulty making their choices. “I have great expectation that the event is even better because the overrun is a professional imperative,” concludes Hamam.


The 2004 schedule includes 44 lectures – about 50% treated by foreign speakers – on the current issues and trends in the events industry. Not to mention the international participation of the most sought after industry professionals: Barry Siskind (Canada) and Susan Friedmann (England), and American Bob Dallmeyer, president of RD International trade fair organizer, Darren Rabie, president of Focus America, a company based in Canada and specializes in performance and increase sales productivity, and Argentine Carlos Elias, president of the Congress Rental South America.

Carvalho notes that, although Brazil is a country of relatively young culture in the area of fairs – 45 years – the national speakers were hand-selected, as its focus, and owe nothing to the international experts. The idea is to present a strong cycle of talks based on the existing model of learning in Europe, whose culture fairs have exceeded 700 years, and the United States.

One of the speakers national Ana Cecilia Baroncelli, marketing manager for Cisco Brazil, company IT (Information Technology), will talk about the company’s experience with trade shows and corporate events, corporate events and on talk shows: Pros and Cons. The company undertook last year, the 3rd Networkers, corporate event that took such proportions that had to be transferred from the Hotel Transamerica, which happened the first two editions, to the Transamerica Expo Center.

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