2005 Edition

24 de Jul de 2012


Formula to grow and appear

Think of a place that brings together leading experts in international fairs and corporate events Add to that experienced market professionals sharing their expertise. Add product releases, services and technologies to make each participate in a fair or event a unique moment of relationship, knowledge and business.

The result is Exposystems 2005-3 th International Congress and Exhibition Solutions for Trade Shows and Events, held 8-10 November at the Exhibition Center immigrants in São Paulo (SP). Promoted by Fair & Co. Events, the event has received 2252 visitors at the fair, 462 delegates and 69 exhibitors – 25% more than in 2004, surpassing the previous editions.

“When we designed the Exposystems, we knew the size of the events industry and the lack of information to consumers. No euphoria or excessive optimism, I can say queacertamos on the fly to create the event, which is still very promising, with great growth potential for years to come, “the director of the event, Anselmo Carvalho.


The Lecture Field (see page 39), a practical lesson given by Canadian consultant Barry Siskind, who came exclusively to attend the event, and his lectures in general – seven performances in total – were praised by Congress highlights, as well as diversity options offered in the stands. Have the qualification of the public was the high point for exhibitors.

The research done during the event confirms why the satisfaction of those who invested in the position of the fair exhibitors: 59% of audiences are business professionals who have a strategy to be an exhibitor fair, or are habitual consumers of the products, services and Technologies in the stands, 41% are service providers and suppliers of products for trade shows and events, and still, 47% have corporate events.

Investing in professional careers, the quality of the conference, interest in visiting the exhibition, networking and doing business were the five main reasons for professionals to include on its agenda a visit to the event. About the content presented in lectures, 73.8% of delegates rated the international speakers from excellent to good, 69% considered the national speakers from excellent to good, and 69.1% would recommend Exposystems to other colleagues.

In a dynamic presentation, suffused with humor and irony, MBA Professor at the Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo and CEO of New Marketing, Claudio Tomanini, opened the Exposystems noting the conceptual errors that were committed at fairs and corporate events. “Until recently, the party overlapped with corporate objective, blending whiskey and beautiful women in the stands, as well as in sales conventions were always bands, shirts, horns and references to Brazilian sports teams champions,” he said.

The figures of gigantic size of the market fairs in the country formed the basis for Tomanini about the importance of planning and strategies and focus on participation in fairs and corporate events. “The only guy who won money in the world was feeling the Morris Albert (Brazilian singer and composer who, in the 1970s, established itself with a single hit, the song Feelings)”, he said, drawing laughter from the audience.

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